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April once again

April is here and with it the rain and wind. Nothing unusual there then in fact most Aprils in my living memory have been fairly consistent. Even the four I spent in the southern hemisphere weren’t much to write home about, a little like October in the North.

None of this has anything to due with the current geopolitical climate or in fact the atmospheric climate and or it’s warming. Warming seems to be a bad term chosen, as I am sure the over all effect is a rise in average temperatures this isn’t partially noticeable to the individual living in the moment. But I digress, as is my want when rambling in an ambling fashion towards an amount of words that fill a post.

You see there is a reason for this post and that is to post. The end justifies the means and the means are only a way to the end.

In other news the world is as fucked up as ever, humanity wise. The rest of natures goes on its merry way oblivious, until it is too late, of their fate. We are the virus spreading out and multiplying and in the process filling our people with fear and neuroses, but it passes the time and stops the masses from thinking about reality and the crappy lives they really live in.

Of course none of it maters as we are all worm food in the end, and that is how it should be.

Good night and sleep well.

Mavericks update 10.9.2

Coincidences are strange but they occur. Just after I posted the last article on the “goto fail” bug Apple released the long awaited Mavericks 10.9.2 update.

This update includes a fix for SSL [1] connection verification. This was the part that was in error and not verifying properly.

So hopefully all is again secure with Safari et al.

  1. Secure Socket Layer  ↩

Exposed for four days and counting

Apple has a big problem and we end users therefore have an even bigger problem. The problem is a bug known colloquially as the “goto fail” bug. I occurred because someone made a typo and added an extra line of code repeating a goto command in the code. The result is that the verification protocols can be fooled into giving up even when a bogus response is received.

This is bad news for us as we no longer know for sure whether we are really communicating with our banks or actually connecting to Google for our Gmail. This is because the verification can be fooled when using Apple’s Safari. It also affects other Apple products including FaceTime. So we can’t be sure a call isn’t being intercepted and listened in on.

In the meantime it is recommended you use Chrome or Firefox as they aren’t affected as they use there own verification protocols.

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You have to start somewhere…

Feeling restless and bored with the old tumblr site I have decided to be radical and change it.

Previously I only used it as a dumping ground for Instagrams and reposts from Flickr and any other place that supported reposting. As a result I rarely came here in person and the little site became neglected. I am not yet sure how but I want to do something different and different in the sense of content.

This will no longer be about images, they are on the old one English Bloke site. And there they will stay, whether I post new stuff there is uncertain. What exactly this site will be is unknown but I am thinking more text and less pictures.

So welcome on board.